Tramadol Without Prescription

Tramadol is a very popular painkiller that is being prescribed a lot of doctors worldwide. It is marketed under various brand names and is often considered a safe alternative to a lot of other harmful painkillers. Like all drugs, this has some side effects associated with it. These are not fatal if consumed in the correct dosages.

But, there are lots of adverse effects associated with using Tramadol without prescription. This drug is known to be addictive in some cases, therefore it is very essential to consult a doctor prior to starting a Tramadol hcl course. People with severe alcoholic abuse problems are advised to refrain from taking this drug. Most painkillers impart fatal side effects if consumed under the influence of alcohol. Also, this drug should not be accompanied by other painkillers. This will aggravate the present condition. Patients with prior history of addiction, heart disease, liver problem, kidney disorder etc are advised to notify their doctors about this. All these problems highlight the importance of medical advice and explain how dangerous it is to consume Tramadol without prescription.

It is observed that many people with anxiety or other depression problems consume a lot of similar drugs. This might include even Valium. It has been often said that it is not safe to consume different drugs in tandem. Medical advice has to be sought before consuming any of these drugs. Tramadol is known to cause certain side effects like seizures, increased breathing, chest pain etc. it should be noted that the intensity of such side effects vary with people, and in some cases, such side effects are totally absent. It is known to have fatal effects in pregnant women as well as infants. The administration of this drug should be avoided at all costs in such situations. You can ask the doctor for other safer drugs during this time period.